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JayJay Stanforth

The Weekend Warrior, Cyclists, Marathon competitors, Mall Walkers – even local musicians. They’re your co-workers, neighbor or the person you wonder how they keep their edge above the others. These are the ones who have decided that a lifestyle of awareness is how they live their lives. Making healthy choices in diet with a combination of body maintenance. Keeping the human body in harmony physically and spiritually is the reason that Jay Stanforth, LMT entered into the field of Massage Therapy. With today’s pace it is important to become mindful that keeping a balance is the highest priority of importance in your own health. Massage therapy can assist in giving you your own personal edge.

Professionally trained with over 700 hours of classroom instruction from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, Massage Therapy program, with classroom concentration on neuromuscular therapy (NMT). Jay received his license in 2009 and has been associated with well known holistic health centers in Columbus OH. Working with Metro Fitness of Columbus, The Arena District Athletic Club, and on several major sports events including the Susan G. Komen RACE FOR the CURE. Currently located in central Columbus Jay maintains two independent studios to accommodate his local clientele

Each sport and as well as everyday life uses muscle groups in different ways. Jay is familiar with each muscle group and how they are affected by the specific movements and stresses of daily life. His training includes the traditional Swedish massage (the most commonly method used), hydrotherapy, cryotherapy (ice or cold therapy), deep tissue, trigger point and acupressure. None of the massage sessions are routine. Just as no two people are the same each massage is unique to the individual.